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Recovery Refined Procedure Kit

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Be ready for all aspects of the surgical recovery process, and protect your results from the consequences of inadequate preparation. Developed to ease the process of preparing for surgery, the Recovery Refined Kit provides the most complete medical grade all-in-one recovery tool available on the market. Our team has thoughtfully combined everything you'll need to recover from your procedure together in one shiny box.

You could choose to buy each item separately here on our website but the kit is more convenient, less expensive and includes free shipping to anywhere within the United States. Supplies are easy to use and individually packed based upon their application to the recovery process.




The BellaVie MD Recovery Refined Kit includes:

Wound Care Essentials An assortment of products that aid in the wound healing process that includes the tools necessary to tend to surgical incisions and wounds, mitigating inflammation and preventing infection.

Complete Nutrition Support The medical grade supplementation program includes two preoperative and one postoperative formulation that have been combined to prepare the body for surgical procedures, strengthen the immune system and facilitate tissue repair.  

Physician Exclusive Scar Care One of our favorite products, Silagen Pure Silicone Gel for Scars is included in each box. This fast-drying medical grade silicone gel has been clinically-proven to enhance the appearance of postoperative, hypertrophic and keloid scarring.

Hygiene and Cleanliness Due to the nature of cosmetic procedures, many surgeons and are specialists discourage showering and bathing the first two days following surgery. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a series of hygiene products that will allow patients to cater to their hygienic needs without  having to move more than necessary. 

Compression Support Compression is essential after surgical procedures, and that's why we have included several popular compression support products in each kit. These include an abdominal board, a lumbar support board and medical grade compression foam.

    Note: Please keep in mind that these products are intended for use with compression garments, which are required by most surgeons for postoperative use.  

    Directions: Directions for every product will be included inside the box.

    Disposable underpads are supplied for the purpose of preventing drainage from getting on one’s bed sheets. McKesson No-Rinse Body and Shampoo and Ready BathLuxe Towels will help to maintain clean skin and hair until one can shower normally. An artificial urinal is provided as well, since sitting down can possibly hurt one’s results and delay the healing process.

    What else you should know: This product does not contain a compression garment. It can be purchased separately on our website. 

    Wound Care

    • Gauze Pads
    • Wound Cleanser: This solution is typically intended for use 48 to 72 hours following surgery. This product is used to gently clean the wound, preventing infection and ensuring proper tissue repair.
    • Disposable GlovesFor use when changing dressings, the use of gloves provides an additional measure for infection control. 
    • Hydrogel Wound Dressing
    • Medical Tape: Secures nonadhesive dressings from undesired movement between changes such that wound healing renains unaffected. 
    • Hot and Cold Therapy Pack

    Complete Nutrition Support

    • Potent Arnica Montana 30C Tablets: Homeopathic sublingual tablets provide powerful relief for bruising and swelling. Begin taking this product several days prior to your procedure for best results.

    • Bromelain-Quercetin Immunity Complex: A combination of proteolytic enzymes with Vitamin C that modulates the immune system and facilitated critical collagen production. Begin taking this product several days prior to your procedure for best results.

    • Mega Matrix Total Post Operative Formula: Comprehensive Post Operative Formula combines clinically-proven ratio of four essential complexes that trigger tissue repair, fight infection and restore overall nutritional balance after surgical procedures.

    Physician Exclusive Skin & Scar Care

    • Physician Exclusive Pure Silicone Scar Gel
    • Vitamin Enriched Skin Protectant Ointment
    • Extra Strength Arnica Montana Pain Relief Cream

      Compression Support Favorites

      • Medical Grade Liposuction Foam
      • Abdominal Support Board
      • Lumbar Support Board 
      • Garment Washing 

      Hygiene and Cleanliness 

      • Disposable Underpads
      • No-Rinse Shampoo
      • Female Urinal
      • Disposable Total Body Cleansing Towels 

        About the Brand: 

        BellaVie MD was founded with one purpose: to tackle a market for post operative recovery tools that capitalizes on consumers who are often misguided when preparing for their procedures. Formulated by surgeons and aesthetic specialists, the brand has quickly gained recognition amongst both professionals and patients alike. Nevertheless, BVMD has benefited most from its commitment to its core values, particularly, to clinically—focused research and consumer education.

        Medicine is always changing and, as part of our commitment to make the most up-to-date post operative care possible, BellaVieMD incorporates new products on an on-going basis. BVMD has developed our own line of clinically-proven pre- and postoperative supplement formulations for advanced nutritive support. We have also partnered with many of the industry’s most reputable brands to ensure that our clients have a choice in finding solutions that enhance the surgical process as a whole. We work extraordinarily hard to maintain an open dialogue with our partners to ensure that we continue to deliver products and services that they value.

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