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Recovery Refined Procedure Kit

Recovery Refined Kit

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Get everything you'll need to recover from your procedure together in a shiny box. Supplies are neatly packed and easy to use.


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The Recovery Refined Kit provides the most complete medical grade all-in-one recovery support available on the market.

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You could choose to buy most items separately, but the kit is more convenient, less expensive and includes free shipping.


Designed For Use After Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Get a kit, then add procedure-specific garments and accessories. This product is designed for recovery after most popular plastic surgery procedures. Get in touch. We can help you complete your recovery preparation.

  • checkLiposuction
  • checkAbdominoplasty
  • checkFat Grafting
  • checkBrazilian Butt Lift
  • checkBreast Augmentation
  • checkBreast Lift
  • checkBreast Reduction
  • checkMammaplasty
  • checkArm Lift
  • checkThigh Lift

Inside the Box

The Recovery Refined Procedure Kit was developed with unique patient needs in mind as a universal tool to aid in all aspects of the recovery process typically associated with cosmetic surgery. Explore the categories below to learn more.

Wound Care

  • check Super Absorbent Dressing Pads
    These dressings are used to keep incision sites clean, while absorbing wound exudate, which is released by the body in response to tissue damage.
  • check 3M Wound Cleanser featured
    Non-antimicrobial, no-rinse liquid with a zinc-nutrient formulation that provides a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing.
  • check 3M Medical Tape featured
    A general purpose, breathable surgical tape. 3M Micropore medical tape is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.
  • check Hot and Cold Therapy Pack
    The dual action hot and cold therapy pack provides two types of therapeutic benefit in a single pack: we advise that patients start with ice to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief.
  • check Disposable Gloves
    An extra measure against surgical-site infection, we've included a few pairs of gloves in each box.


  • check BellaVie MD Arnica 30C Tablets featured
    This extra-strength homeopathic formula containing Arnica Montana can be taken pre- and post-surgery for mitigate swelling, bruising and pain.
  • check BellaVie MD Bromo-Q Complex featured
    This formula combines protein-digesting enzymes - Bromelain, Quercetin - with Magnesium-buffered Vitamin C to reduce inflammation and swelling, promoting wound healing and boost immune activity.
  • check BellaVie MD Post-Op Complex featured
    This content is being updated. Please check back shortly
  • check GENEPRO Medical Grade Protein featured
    The world's first low-calorie protein, and its medical grade too. After surgery, the body demands a greater amount of daily protein for the repair of damaged tissues and collagen production.

skin & scar care

  • check Silagen Pure Silicone Scar Gel featured
    This is one of our favorite scar care products. Silagen Pure Silicone Gel is clinically-proven to fade and flatten scars, and we have seen great results firsthand.
  • check BellaVie MD Arnica Pain Cream featured
    This pain relief cream is specifically formulated to provide extra strength support from the skin surface, reducing bruising and swelling, while relieving pain.
  • check Skin Protectant Ointment
    A simple, fragrance-free formula that is included to help soothe and moisturizes the skin, ideal for sensitive skin post-operatively.

personal care & more

  • check GoodWipes Total Body Wipes featured
    Many physicians advise patients to avoid showering for several days after surgery. No problem! Goodwipes are the quickest and coolest way to get clean.
  • checkDisposable Underpads
    This content is being updated. Please check back shortly
  • check YUNI No-Rinse Body Wash featured
    For even more personal care, YUNI Flash Bath purifies skin with a blend of antibacterial Neem extract and cooling Aloe Vera, so you could enjoy the so-fresh-and-so-clean feeling without getting out of bed.
  • check Female Urinal
    When you have to go, you have to go. But that's not as easy when you are wearing a compression garment. This handy tool is a simple solution.
  • check TED Embolism Compression Stockings
    Compression Stockings are crucial post-operatively, preventing blood clots from forming in the legs, referred to as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which can be life threatening.
  • check Forever New Fabric Wash featured
    We highly advise that you pair your Recovery Kit with a specialty garment that is specific to your procedure. That's why we've also added this hypoallergenic fabric wash, which preserves the elastic fibers used in all the garments on our site.

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The best products from industry-leading brands, combined to create an all-in-one recovery solution.

Top Rated Recovery Tool

"As a provider, this product gives me comfort that my patients have all the tools necessary to ensure a quick and health recovery without complications."

Dr. Anthony Perkins MD
Plastic Surgeon

"This product has completely changed the way our patients approach recovery. We tell them that this product is comparable to warranty on a new smartphone."

Harolyn Mota
Surgical Coordinator

"This product provided me with everything I needed both before and after surgery, saving me time and money while getting the high quality products,"

Evelina K
Verified Customer

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Recovery Refined Procedure Kit

Recovery Refined Procedure Kit

Includes Super Absorbent Wound Pads, 3M Wound Cleanser, Disposable Gloves, Medical Tape, Hot and Cold Therapy Pack, BellaVie MD Arnicore 30C (Arnica Montana), BellaVie MD Bromo Q Complex (Bromelain-Quercetin-Vitamin C), Mega Matrix Total Post Operative Packets, Silagen Pure Silicone Scar Gel (15g), McKesson Vitamin-Enriched Skin Protectant Ointment, GENEPRO Medical Grade Protein (4 Single Serve Packets), Disposable Underpads (Large), YUNI Flash Bath No Rinse Cleanser, Female Urinal, GoodWipes Total Body Cleansing Towels

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Scar Gel

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