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Welcome back to the BellaVieMD blog. We are the leaders in perioperative supplements and products created by surgeons and recovery care experts to help patients prepare for, heal and recover from surgical procedures. As the Top Rated® leaders in the medical supplies industry, our main goal is to provide consumers with the highest-quality, medical-grade supplements to facilitate proper healing to protect their desired results. Therefore, our team of knowledgeable surgery and recovery experts have created a comprehensive recovery kit that includes perioperative products from our supplements and supplies categories. The BellaVie MD Recovery Refined Kit features recovery tools which have been hand-picked by our team to aid in the postsurgical recovery phase. While each preoperative and postoperative care product included in our kit can be individually purchased, having them accessible in an all-in-one kit makes the healing phase much more efficient for our customers. Let’s explore six of the most popular recovery tools included in our recovery kit. Please continue reading below.

BellaVie MD Perioperative Vitamin Collection

Our perioperative vitamin collection helps nourish and support your body as you prepare for your surgical procedure to encourage a strong recovery and proper healing. Our vitamin supplements for healing were designed with the intention to strengthen and support your immune system, aid in the reduction of inflammation and scar tissue, and facilitate collagen production to assist in the repair of soft tissues. Here are four of our most essential vitamin supplements for healing after surgery included in each recovery kit.

BellaVie MD Arnicore 30c Tablets

This homeopathic formula features Arnica Montana, a potent and safe remedy for reducing bruising and swelling, while providing powerful relief for pain and discomfort after your surgical procedure. Arnica Montana is an age-old remedy that has been used for centuries to effectively control inflammation and pain, which is one of the best non-toxic, gluten-free recovery solutions available today. Patients can begin taking this supplement several days prior to their cosmetic surgery.

BellaVieMD BromoQ: Bromelain-Quercetin Complex

BromoQ is another powerful homeopathic remedy that incorporates essential vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes to strengthen and support the immune system prior to surgery. This formula alleviates inflammation, encourages antioxidant activity in the body, and stimulates collagen production for soft tissue repair. For optimal effects, begin taking BromoQ as you prepare for your surgical procedure.

Mega Matrix Postoperative Formula

Mega Matrix was designed to restore damaged tissues and reduce post-surgical symptoms such as swelling, pain, and infection. Our team has combined four essential vitamins and mineral complexes, including vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, trace minerals, and our signature Inflamax Boost complexes to mitigate optimal healing. Not only does this powerful combination provide overall nutritional balance following a surgical procedure, but it also fights infection and triggers tissue repair. This product is free of any ingredients like vitamin E and other herbal supplements that may compromise the healing process.  

Genepro Medical-Grade Protein

Muscles require protein to heal properly and regenerate after a surgical procedure. Our recovery kit features Genepro medical-grade protein to stimulate the absorption of essential nutrients needed for muscle growth, strengthening, and tissue repair following surgery. This premier protein powder comes in single-serve packets, which is free of taste and color for easy mixability. Genepro medical-grade protein mixes well with fresh and healthy juices, smoothies, and water.

Wound Care and Personal Hygiene

Now that we have looked at some of the key nutritional supplements included in each BellaVieMD Recovery Refined Kit, we can turn our attention toward the wound care and personal hygiene tools in our recovery kit. In addition to nutritional support, wound care and managing good hygiene and cleanliness are essential during the recovery phase. These practices can minimize inflammation, prevent infection, and mitigate scarring. Each kit includes these medical-grade products for supporting wound recovery and personal hygiene:  

Silagen Scar Gel (Physician-Exclusive Product)

Silagen Scar Gel is a physician exclusive silicone gel that is clinically-proven to effectively reduce the appearance of postoperative, hypertrophic, and keloid scarring. This fast-drying gel was designed to protect the scar from exposure to air and bacteria while also hydrating the scar tissue to encourage collagen production for tissue repair. This combination softens, smoothes, and flattens scars while, at the same time, reducing itching and pain, discoloration, and redness. The topical silicone gel is applied directly to the scar and will dry quickly, sealing the scar in a thin, waterproof layer that protects the scar from environmental elements. Once this layer has formed, makeup and sunscreen can be applied over the protective barrier. If you prefer additional UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, try Silagen Scar Gel with SPF 30. Both silicone gels should not be applied to open wounds.    

Maintaining Personal Hygiene During Recovery

Due to the nature of cosmetic procedures, medical professionals and recovery specialists discourage showering and bathing the first two days following your surgery, however, maintaining good personal hygiene and cleanliness are essential to the healing phase. Therefore, each BellaVieMD Recovery Refined Kit includes personal hygiene supplies that will allow you to maintain postoperative cleanliness to help you feel more comfortable, and to fight infection. Here are some of the personal hygiene products featured in each recovery kit:

Goodwipes Body Wipes for Everyone

These hypoallergenic, biodegradable wipes allow you to take a shower without the use of water after your cosmetic procedure. Goodwipes cleanse, deodorize, and moisturize your body, allowing you to feel clean and fresh after undergoing your surgery. They are pH-balanced, alcohol-free, and feature clean scents and natural ingredients like tea tree oil to remove unwanted buildup and odors on the skin.

YUNI Flash Bath No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam

This effective, waterless, non-GMO cleansing foam is the perfect solution for bathing without water after your surgical procedure. YUNI cleansing foam gently refreshes and purifies the skin, leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized with natural ingredients and aromas that are free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors and fragrances.  

Get Your BellaVieMD Recovery Kit

These are just a few of the powerful recovery supplements and supplies you’ll receive in your BellaVieMD Recovery Refined Kit. Each and every recovery tool featured in our all-in-one kit is individually packaged with instructions that arrive in one shiny, neatly-organized box. The BellaVie MD medical-grade recovery system was designed to help encourage proper healing and a healthy recovery after undergoing your cosmetic surgery procedure. Visit BellaVieMD to order your comprehensive, medical-grade recovery system and get back to your daily routines as quickly as possible. At BellaVieMD, we’re committed to assisting patients in their surgical recovery with the best, most effective recovery supplements and products available.

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